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Instructions for decompressing and installing PC42:

1. If you've come this far, you've successfully downloaded and extracted the compressed pc42b.sfpack file. This file IS STILL COMPRESSED!

I've used a self-extracting EXE file to package the soundfont because most browsers will attempt to display an sfArk or sfpack file instead of offering to download and save the file, but virtually all browsers will simply download an EXE file.

I've used the Megota Software SFPack compression utility to compress the SF2 soundfont file because of a number of problems over the years with the sfArk utility on some machines. So far, the SFPack utility seems to have fewer problems decompressing sound fonts. The SFPack utility is specifically written to achieve a greater level of compression with the specific type of data contained in a soundfont, and so allows a smaller download than compressing an SF2 file with PKZip.

2. If you have not already done so, go to:


and download the "SFPack.zip" file from that page.

3. Decompress the ZIP file and read the README.TXT file for instructions on how to install the utility on your PC.

4. After you have it installed, run the program.

5. Click on the "Add Files" icon on the menu, and in the standard Windows File Open dialog box, navigate to the folder where you extracted pc42b.sfpack, and change the "Files of Type" from

SoundFont Files (*.sf2 )


SFPack Files (*.SFPack)

6. Select the file


and click "Open" to close the File Open dialog.

7. Click "Go" on the SFPACK program menu to start decompressing the file. SFPack will decompress pc42b.sfpack and put the actual soundfont file:


in the same directory. Place the file PC42b.sf2 in the directory where you load other soundfont files from (the Soundfont utility with the Live card remembers the last used directory). Load this file into the soundcard using the Soundfont utility in the SBLive AudioHQ program group.

Note that you must have 128MB of system memory in order to use this soundfont, and you must set the static cache to at least 51MB before the soundfont will load.