Below are some individual instruments collected during the process of making the PersonalCopy soundfont that I think you'll enjoy.


Damon Ward contacted me a few months ago and asked me to help him with a project - to create a soundfont of a Pedal Steel Guitar from samples he would provide. We went through several iterations, and finally ended up with something quite nice - best I've heard. This doesn't fit in a GM bank, but for a musician interested in creating MIDI with this instrument, try this one. Many thanks to Damon for his creation.

DOWNLOAD pedalsteel.exe (2069k)

A Gothic Organ based on these samples is used in many large soundfonts, but there have always been some few problems with its construction. They're fixed in this new version, and I'm very pleased with the result - I think you will be too.

DOWNLOAD organ42.exe (561k)

The pianos from the latest version of the PersonalCopy soundfont. Most pianos use a common set of samples and filter them to get the different piano sounds. This "collection" uses base samples from three different pianos, each selected to create the best sound I could for the Grand Piano, Bright Piano, and Honky Tonk piano soundfonts. NOTE: This has been updated on 6/25/00 to improve sustain sounds!

DOWNLOAD piano42.sfArk.exe (4,435k)

The very latest drums from the NEXT version of PC4.2, yet to be released. This is almost completely new, with many new and improved sounds. If you only use one drum kit, it should be this one. To avoid confusion over which drum kit to download, this is now the ONLY one on this site.

DOWNLOAD  pc_drums_42.exe (2,711k)

A wonderful piano soundfont, this is the best I've heard yet. It uses the samples from Laurence Kingston's piano (found on Hammersound) but I've done quite a bit of work on the looping and a little on one sample. I've added a Honky Tonk version using Warren Trachtman's filtering. With 7 velocity layers this piano is expressive and powerful. Not too much bigger than the Bosendorfer I've been using, you really have to try this soundfont.

DOWNLOAD stereo_piano_sfArk.exe (2,282k) hot.gif (148 bytes)

Dejan Kamenšek's wonderful Distortion / Overdriven guitar soundfont. This is one you have to try.

DOWNLOAD (1,047k) hot.gif (148 bytes)

I found this simply wonderful accordian soundfont on the HammerSound site. The samples are so large that they weren't looped - a good thing as it's very difficult to loop an instrument like the accordian. I did loop them, and although not perfectly, I doubt you'll ever encounter a MIDI file with a note sustained longer than even these shortened samples in this soundfont.


I have hopes of making a Sax soundfont of my own, but I found this lovely soundfont made by Jan Halsema on the HammerSound site. The samples are so big I felt I needed to shorten them to be able to include it in a GM sound bank. I also looped the samples while I was at it, and fixed where one key overlapped the next sample. It's still big, but the best I've heard.

DOWNLOAD (1,383k) hot.gif (148 bytes)

This is the same Sax as the one above, but I tried to make it a little smaller without sacrificing any of the realism. All but one of the samples are shortened and re-looped. It turned out well enough that this is the version I'm using in my own GM bank. It's your choice


The best sounding solo trumpet I've heard. I found this soundfont on a web site (but I can't remember which one), and loved the "bite". It was strangely constructed and not looped correctly, but the samples were big and very good. I re-looped it, and assigned the right keys and all that. Try this soundfont - I think you'll like it too.


John Sankey's incredible harpsichord soundfont. John will send you this soundfont through an automated system but it will be E-Mailed to you in something like 17 parts, UUEncoded, and you have to "splice" it together and UUDecode it - I had trouble but finally got it. For those who might have pass up this great soundfont because of this, here it is - all assembled and in one convenient ZIP file.


The saga continues. This is a modification on the old PersonalCopy bagpipes soundfont - to improve a looping problem with the drones. It sounds better than before, so try it!


The first time I heard a MIDI that played a reverse cymbal, I knew something was wrong with that voice. I've tried to fix it here. I have an uneasy truce with this soundfont too, but it's more realistic than what I had. Someone please send me a better one and I'll post it.