Ever since Creative Labs introduced the SoundBlaster Live! soundcard, with its ability to use main system memory to store WAV files to generate instrument sounds in MIDI compositions, the "world" of large soundfonts was born. We are no longer limited by a few MB of memory added to a soundcard, but can use up to 50% of installed system memory.

Large soundfonts require fewer "compromises" (although they make some of their own), so MIDI instruments sound more realistic.

Here you'll find some of the best large soundfonts on the Internet - all completely free (except for the time you spend downloading).

Some of the Big Soundfonts are posted in multiple parts so that if you are having problems with large downloads, you can try one of the multi-part files.





There are some real challenges getting soundcards to work properly under Windows NT, and you'll find my chronicles of my efforts to use the SoundBlaster Live! card under Windows NT 4.0.

Fortunately, most of those troubles may be ancient history.

Windows NT 4.0 has been replaced - with Windows 2000. Faster, more stable, but maybe most importantly - Microsoft has added "driver signing" so you know whether a third party driver meets the requirements for the Windows 2000 WDM.

The Win2000 drivers from Creative Labs are "signed", and the most stable version yet for the "NT" user.





OK, I'll admit it - I'm a PC junkie. After all, that's really the only reason for this site. Anyway, this site is really here to indulge my interests, and maybe help a few of you out there that share them. They are:

The Personal Computer - both hardware and software, particularly home and custom built PCs - where the end user has control over what components are used in the computer

Making the computer do what it really should do - in spite of all the complexity and buggy hardware / software we have to put up with

Operating systems - including Windows 2000 now that it's released.

Sound cards employing SF2 soundfonts - particularly the Sound Blaster Live! because it can accept really large soundfonts. The more realistic, the better!

MIDI sequences - that sound realistic

Anything else - send email with your request.



I'm searching for some new sample sounds to include in the soundfonts on these pages. If you're interested in contributing, check out the Samples Wanted page.


Links to sites with valuable content for the soundfont creator, user, or enthusiast.

Check out music created with the Personal Copy  soundfont!!!

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