I'm not trying to be a MIDI file site - there are too many good ones on the web. I've put some links to ones I like best here on the MIDI Files page so you can check them out too.

Music of Cyberspace - Michael Walthius' great page. If you've never heard his music, go here and spend the afternoon listening.

MIDI Ring Homepage - another great way to spend an afternoon - check out all the sites on the MIDI ring. This is the starting page.

GaryW0001's MIDI Homepage - great sequences by Gary Wachtel. Lot's of big band, Gary's done some incredibly realistic Broadway tunes as well.

In addition, I've posted the tool I use, along with some MIDI songs I've collected, to evaluate a GM bank as well as get a quick handle on individual instruments.

MIDI Test Files


The complete archive of MIDI test files (all 128 patches) from the Buzzwood MIDI Test Page. Extract these files from the archive and set them up in your favorite MIDI jukebox program to play in sequence. The quickest way to find a strange sounding instrument in your GM soundfont, or just listen to all of them.

This is very cool . . .