Multi - part files . . .

The soundfont files on this page are the same ones, but they're split into three smaller files for those who have been having trouble downloading the big single file versions.

When you download the *.r0x file parts, right-click on the link and ask your browser to save the link - otherwise your browser will attempt to load the file to be viewed without giving you the option to save it to disk.

You must download all three parts, which will be:




After downloading, put all three files in the same folder and run the *.exe file - it will automatically connect to the other files it needs.

Personal Copy v5r2


DOWNLOAD pc51dm.exe (8,750k)

DOWNLOAD pc51dm.r00 (8,750k)

DOWNLOAD pc51dm.r01 (8,737k)


Unison v1.0


DOWNLOAD Unison.exe (6,202k)

DOWNLOAD Unison.r00 (6,202k)

DOWNLOAD Unison.r01 (6,018k)