11/20/02   Added some important notes about downloading and "download managers" - read this before downloading.
9/25/02   Added a new link to a good software synth - check it out on the Links page.
7/16/02 - Something new - for the Linux fans! (I'm one...) Unison and the latest PersonalCopy soundfont are now available as a gzipped file with no sfArk or sfpack compression so you can download directly and not worry about how to decompress. See this page.
6/14/02 - We're on a new server, and the downloading process is different. See the notes on this page.
4/4/02 - Added a new REALLY large soundfont from Michel Villeneuve
2/16/02 - Posted links to a new SFPack download page
1/21/02 - Posted links to Dennis Deutschmann's Magic SoundFont - try this one
1/3/02 - Added some comments about my latest upgrade to the Audigy Platinum eX soundcard - if you're considering an Audigy, read this.

Also, because the Megota Web Site appears to be no longer with us, I have converted all the SFPack compressed files to sfArk self-extracting EXE files. If you need the SFPack utility, email me.

1/6/01 - Added PC51c - the latest (and greatest) in the series of PersonalCopy soundfonts. Also added a smaller version - PCLite - that will run (comfortably) on a PC with 64MB of memory as it is less than 32MB in size.
11/19/00 - Added the new Drum kit from an up-coming release of PC42 (or maybe PC43?) - this is a must-have
11/12/00 - Added new links to SoundSite and SoundFinder
8/14/00 - Added instructions to the PC42 soundfont file. They can also be viewed here
8/13/00 - Added some links to two sites with good tutorials on making soundfonts
7/11/00 - Replaced the Grand Piano in PC42 with the fixed one from the piano42 soundfont
7/5/00 - Added the Samples Wanted page
6/25/00 - Updated the PersonalCopy Piano coundfont to improve the sound on some sustain notes. Also, added a Table of Contents page
6/24/00 - Updated the multipart file downloads - PC42 is now available to download as a multipart file
6/18/00 - Added tips on file extraction - find them from the Soundfonts page. Also, added a unique Pedal Steel Guitar soundfont to the Soundfonts page
6/8/00 - Updated the Links page with exciting news about Michael Lerman's new album on - it uses the PersonalCopy PC42 soundfont in two of the tracks
6/2/00 - Updated a few links - go directly to the page for Vienna 2.3 from the Hints pages
5/15/00 - Reworked the web site - got tired of the same old look
4/8/00 - My experiences with Windows 2000 and the Soundblaster Live
2/25/00 - Added a page for Windows 2000 tips
2/19/00 - Added the Gothic Organ and Piano Collection soundfonts from the PersonalCopy Version 4.2 soundfont COMING SOON - Frank Wen's Fluid soundfont!!!
2/8/00 - Many changes in the PersonalCopy soundfont - Version 4.2
11/17/99 - Updated PC Drums - new and wonderful cymbals, fixed some wrong patch assignments, added some missing patches. This is the drum kit from the upcoming new version of the PersonalCopy soundfont - keep an eye out for it!
11/1/99 - Posted PC402 - MANY updates and improvements. New Instruments, and much improved tuning of existing ones
10/15/99 - New report on Liveware 3.0; updated the bagpipes soundfont
9/2/99 - Updated the Personal Copy soundfont to version 4.0.0
7/3/99 - Added PC313 - the latest version of the Personal Copy sound font
5/31/99 - Added PC312 - the complete newest version of Personal Copy's sound font
5/18/99 - Added comments about Live!Ware 2.0
5/1/99 - Added a wonderful new stereo piano soundfont
4/20/99 - Added the first of the Big Soundfont multi-part download links
4/1/99 - I've moved again! You're now reaching on a new host - to provide a better route to the Internet, and all the bandwidth you need to download the big soundfonts. Enjoy . . .
3/15/99 - Added some information about system memory and cache allocation on the sfArk notes page
3/9/99 - Converted all my sfArk files to self-extracting ZIP files to help the downloading issue - posted the updated PC311 - the update file is still there too
3/7/99 - Added important new information about a problem downloading sfArk compressed files with Netscape Navigator - go directly there with this link
3/4/99 - Added a new drum soundfont. Also, an update for PC310 to go to level PC311
3/3/98 - Lots of new stuff this past weekend. I Replaced the bagpipe soundfont with a better one; added JeffD's Musica Theoria Version 2 soundfont; added the new Personal Copy Version 3.1.0 GM soundbank; added ALL the MIDI test files from the Buzzwood MIDI test page to the MIDI Files page
2/23/99 - Added a page with some notes about sfArk, and what to watch for when you decompress Unison - a MUST READ before you download!
2/20/99 - Added a link to Melody Machine for the sfArk utility (to decompress Unison)
2/12/99 - Added Unison Version 1.00 to the soundfonts page. This is Peter Jevnisek's new GM/GS soundbank, and a MUST HAVE for fans of large soundfonts
2/1/99 - Redesigned this site - different colors, etc
1/24/99 - Fixed some broken links
1/19/99 - Added tips about NT Icon Caching to the NT Tips page - this is a MUST READ for NT users!
1/6/99 - Added more soundfonts - Overdrive and Distortion guitars
1/5/99 - Added some site navigation aids
1/3/99 - Added another soundfont - a wonderful accordian
12/29/98 - Added a smaller version of the Alto Sax soundfont
12/28/98 - yAdded yet another approach to an NT installation with SP4 already installed
12/27/98 - Added a great new Alto Sax soundfont
12/23/98 - Updated NT Tips to cover installation of the 12/22/98 SBLive! drivers (fixes, features, SMP support) READ THIS!
12/20/98 - Modified the Helpful Hints page to allow the music range image to be shown in a new browser window
12/18/98 - Added NT Tips page
12/23/98 - this brand new site was converted to frames for easier navigation