Big Soundfonts

The soundfont files on this page are big, so to minimize your time to download, some are sfArk compressed. If you don't have the sfArk decompressor, you can get it at Melody Machine's web site.


Some users are using "download managers" to attempt to speed up downloads. These software programs work by establishing, or attempting to establish, multiple connections to the same site to thwart the site's attempts to limit bandwidth to any one connection; the data downloaded from these multiple connections is recombined at the client's computer to form a complete file. At PersonalCopy, we consider this to be abusive behavior, and have taken some steps to discourage the use of download managers. Firstly, we have configured the server so that they don't work very well - you'll see only a slight improvement in download speed if you try using one - for a brief time. More importantly, if you download using one, your attempts to establish multiple connections are noted by the server, and if you persist, access to the soundfonts you're trying to download will be suspended; all downloads in progress will halt and time out, and new attempts to download files, or retry the halted downloads will fail. This will happen automatically. You can still browse the site, but you can't download anything. After a couple of days, your access will be restored - if you come back, disable your download manager or it will happen to you again.

You will see another warning when you get to the download page - please heed the advice and disable your download manager. We see many users' efforts fail because they have attempted to download files using a download manager, and they keep coming back and fail subsequent times. Don't waste your time - disable your download manager now!

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