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The soundfont files on this page are big, so to minimize your time to download, some are sfArk compressed. If you don't have the sfArk decompressor, you can get it at Melody Machine's web site.

This page is now on a new server, and downloads are handled via FTP. To keep free soundfonts free, the bandwidth must be controlled. If you get an error message from your browser when you select a download, try again in a few minutes - it just means that all connections are busy. Also, please don't try to download more than one file at a time - you are limited to only a single connection and will get that error message again. Once a file is complete, you can download another. Thanks for your understanding.

If you've read any of the discussion on this page about problems with downloading sfArk files with Netscape, you may recall that Netscape downloads files with the sfArk extension as ASCII instead of binary, resulting in a corrupt sfArk file. Additionally, certain ZIP utilities change the sfArk extension to SFA, again preventing correct extraction.

Make sure you read the notes on this page before you download any of these files to make sure you end up with a usable soundfont.

I've been advised by a user that some of these soundfonts may seem to be out of tune unless you're using the latest drivers for the SBLive card. Until this latest driver set, there definitely problems with filtering, so before you suspect one of these soundfonts, update to the latest drivers.

Enjoy these soundfonts . . .

Follow this link for these files in smaller multi-parts for those who are having trouble with the large downloads.

Follow this link for the main site home page, and more soundfonts.


PersonalCopy v5r2 hot.gif (148 bytes)

DOWNLOAD PC51d.sfArk.exe (26,795k)

57,201k decompressed

This is a self-extracting EXE file to make sure it's correctly downloaded as a binary file by your browser.

The source file is compressed as a self-extracting sfArk file - you do not need to have any decompressing utilities installed - just double-click on the file name to start the extraction process.

NOTE: You must have the MS-DOS Prompt set correctly or this file will not extract. If you have problems, click here to see how to configure your PC correctly!

1. The piano is completely reworked in this release, and is probably it's high point. This is the Maganda_Piano from Robert C. Allen, and HAS NO LOOPS - all samples are stereo and you hear the full natural decay of this piano. This is a bright sounding piano, but I've structured it with 12 velocity layers, so it's expressive and soft if you want it to be. You HAVE to hear it! Robert sells this soundfont on his web site at Trade-Mania.com, so I will not be making this piano available separately - go to Bob's site and get it there.

Also, the drums are completely reworked, with many new sounds, and now with 6 layers so they're more realistic, and there are MANY new samples in this drum set.

2. Many thanks to Jeremy Janzen for his contribution of bass soundfonts which remain in this newest release - there's nothing better.

LIMITATIONS: To load PC51c you must have at least 128MB of system memory installed.

Like other large soundfonts, this one occasionally must be reloaded because it will start dropping samples after lengthy play. I've even had to reboot on occasion to get everything working right again, which is why I sometimes use the Lite version (see below).


This soundfont is a "work-in-progress", and will probably never be finished as long as enthusiasts keep creating new and better GM soundbanks and individual instruments.

If you like some of the sounds in this soundbank, feel free to put them into your own collection or reuse them any way you want. This is really all about being able to tailor the sound of your MIDI to fit your hardware and your own ears. If you like the way it sounds, then it's good.

PersonalCopy Lite v4r1

DOWNLOAD pcLite.sfArk.exe (16,124k)

30,661k decompressed

This is a self-extracting EXE file to make sure it's correctly downloaded as a binary file by your browser.

The source file is compressed as a self-extracting sfArk file - you do not need to have any decompressing utilities installed - just double-click on the file name to start the extraction process.

A completely new soundfont for me.

One of the problems I've heard from several users is that because they only have 64MB of memory, they can't use the PersonalCopy soundfont. For these users, here's a version they can use.

There are a few compromises (some samples that are stereo in the full version have been converted to mono in the Lite version) and (unfortunately) there just isn't room for the Maganda_Piano from the full version, but this is a great soundfont and well worth having. As it's less than 32MB, it doesn't suffer from some of the quirks that you have with larger soundfonts - I often use it myself.

  Unison 1.00  hot.gif (148 bytes)

DOWNLOAD Unison.zip (18,745k)

26,573k decompressed

Peter Jevnisek's wonderful new GM/GS soundbank is now here for download and is one of the most popular on this site. This is the one that's been talked about in the newsgroups, previewed with some mp3 samples, and has everyone waiting with baited breath! A wonderfully musical and clean sound; if you're using the SBLive! you must download this soundfont.
  Musica Theoria v2.0

DOWNLOAD mustheory2_sfArk.exe (18,580k)

29,807k decompressed


Jeff D's latest version. I owe Jeff a lot, as his first version of this soundfont got me started with large soundfonts for the SBLive which lead to this web site. Here's his latest version.

You can listen to a demo of this soundfont - specially composed and played by Milton Pareedes by clicking here: Musica Theoria demo.wma


Magic Sound Font v2.0

DOWNLOAD MagicSFver2.zip (41,536k)

71,184k decompressed

This contribution by Dennis Deutschmann should be a must for the big soundfont enthusiast. It's a big download as you can see, and a big soundfont too - you'll need 256MB of memory to load it, so be aware of this before you invest the time. Also at this size, you will encounter the "dropped instrument" problem with a Live card - the Audigy will do just fine. Here's what Dennis has to say about it:


Soundset Name: MagicSF
Soundset Version: 2.0
Building time: ~. 2 years
Size: ~67 MBs
Melodic presets: 127
-missing presets: bagpipe, gunshot

Instruments recorded and built by myself:
-Steel String Guitar on 025
-Banjo on 105
Percussive presets: 7
-including 3 standard drum sets on 000,001,002
-also including power set on 016, tr-808 set on 025, brush set on 040 and orchestral set on 048

Reverb Settings:
I recommend to use the following reverb settings:
1) Auditorium Reverb (master reverb ~50%).
2) _Kathedrale Reverb (master reverb ~60%). The "_Cathedral.ea2"-file is included in the MagicSF.zip!
To use it, start the creative "audio hq", click at the "Import Environment"-button and choose the "_Cathedral.ea2"-file.
You may now choose "_kathedrale" in your environment list.
3) Never listen to a midi-file without proper reverb settings!

MagicSF is intended to be a well balanced set. Therefore i spent much in volume and reverb adjusting for each instrument. I included two of my selfmade instruments - the banjo and the steel string guitar. I've been working on MagicSF for almost two years now and I think it is time to release it, for I never released version 1.0.
I hope you enjoy it the same way I do!!

  RealFont 2.1

DOWNLOAD RealFont_2_1.sfArk (46,465k)

105,992k decompressed


Here's what Michel has to say about the biggest soundfont on this site:

RealFont is a GM midi SoundFont I've been working on for a year now. This is the first public release I have ever done for this one. RealFont 2.1 is a SF2 sound font using mostly stereo samples.

It is a collection of some of the most natural sounding instruments I have found on the web to date. This sound font is intended for pop, rock, r&b and blues/jazz.
As for dance and techno, this is  another game and I use a different SF for that kind of music. I don't believe there is a "Perfect" GM sound font out there but this one usually does the job. Mostly , I have packed the best of the instruments I use most which are:

Drums (very important, this is where most banks lack  quality and natural sound!)

Piano, bass, strings, guitars and winds.

This is a HUGE bank. To date it is 91MB in size and growing. this means that you need at least 256MB RAM.


Realfont homepage -> kickme.to/realfont
email-> musimedia@videotron.ca

  These next three soundfonts are here courtesy of Lavio Pareschi - who needed a host for them. He has a great MIDI site that you really should visit - lot's of exciting things going on there - visit his site at:


Note that these files are compressed with the SFPack utility which is still available on this site - DOWNLOAD SFPack.zip

  Merlin 4mbgm_plus12 6MB

(11M uncompressed)


It is standard the 4M Emu sound font improved with instruments from big Merlin sf2. Now you can use the standard sf2 included in all Creative Labs sound boards with very better strings, piano, violin, cello, oboe, English horn, fiddle and several important improvements.
  Merlin 8mbgm_plus13 8.5MB

(15MB uncompressed)


It is based on the standard the 8M Emu/SBLive soundfont improved with instruments from big Merlin sf2. Now you can use the standard sf2 included in all Creative Labs sound boards with very better strings, piano, violin, cello, oboe, english horn, fiddle, voices and several important improvements.
  Merlin_gm22.sfpack, 15MB

(29MB uncompressed)


It was built after selection of best public samples from Internet, adjusting old and new instruments, balancing parameters against a lot of midi files, classical and not classical and using some Cadenza techniques to improve quality. It is only for GM and plays every type of music. Version 2.1 has several enhancements, including new timpani (thanks to Seth Neuffer), new fiddle which can work as a second type of violin, cello improvements, new true and realistic tremolo strings, several balances and minor improvements, as well an important percussion bug fix. Version 2.2 has new church organ, synth voice, violin attack adjustment and other balance adjustments.