This space is dedicated to frustration - and my need to occasionally vent about the state of the web today, and other related issues.
I recently have been forced to begin a war on spam. Somehow, one of my email addresses got put on a spammer's mailing list, and I have been deluged with unsolicited email. It got so bad that for a while, I disabled that email address so any mail sent would be returned. The really sad thing in this is that virtually no one cared - they simply accepted the bad email address and the returned messages and never took the name off the lists.

Recently, I re-enabled the address, and am now taking a very active stand with the server that this site runs on to block email at the server. It's helping, but I'm still getting a lot more spam that I want - and what I want is NONE! If you get emails to me returned, it may be because your domain is used for spam, and I have it blocked. Sorry - get a new Internet Provider who polices his domain and SMTP servers and you won't be blocked.

To make matters worse, another email address has been receiving regular emails from the same source - with the W32.Klez.E@mm virus attached! Many of these emails contain references to soundfonts, and might appear to have come from a visitor to the site with a question. I have sent numerous requests for this to be investigated to the owner of the domain where these emails originated - with absolutely no acknowledgement or indication of action being taken. So now, I've configured the server to forward the original virus-infected email back to the sender, as well as the technical contact for the domain. This domain is in Spain - and this site was hacked a year ago by an IP address also in Spain, so now I am restricting access to certain IP blocks assigned to that country. If you live in Spain and have lost access to PersonalCopy, I apologize - get in touch with the Internet Providers over there and have them crack down on this illegal / unethical use of the Internet, and I'll turn it back on again.