High quality soundfonts for the SoundBlaster Live! family of soundcards and other SoundBlaster cards using soundfonts in SF2 file format, from PersonalCopy.com.



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You'll find quality soundfonts here, but not quantity. Most of these soundfonts are ones I've either made, heavily modified to bring out the best of the samples, or found them to be so outstanding I had to include them for my personal use and want to share them with you. Some sites post large numbers of soundfonts - many extracted from general midi soundfonts (including the PersonalCopy.com soundfont), but here you'll find only soundfonts that are unique and not widely available. 

These soundfonts are offered free for non-commercial use, in the best spirit of the internet

For musicians, you need the most realistic soundfonts you can find so that your recordings showcase your talents. You may need special instruments to supplement your general midi soundfont, but make sure you check out the soundfonts here. General MIDI compositions need a complete set of soundfonts assembled into a soundbank that can create all 128 instruments defined in the general MIDI standards, and you'll find some of the best general MIDI collections on the Internet here.

There are tips on installing the SoundBlaster Live! under Windows NT and Windows 2000. 

Use the tips on these pages to create or modify your own soundfont; use the MIDI test files on these pages to test soundfonts.

Explore the links to other soundfont related sites that I've found particularly helpful to soundfont users and creators.


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